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How does it work?


The company gives our team of expert accountants access to its financial documents and transactions, as well as Focal software and the other requirements for online bookkeeping.


The bookkeeper connects to the company’s Focal instance and checks the papers as if using an on-site business computer. Depending on the terms of the agreement, either the professional bookkeeper or the firm may purchase and register the software; however, both must use the standard software and version to ensure proper file transfer and communication.

Cost effective

A professional expert in any particular field becomes quite expensive and a newbie can cause some errors which can cost business.

Our online  bookkeeping service is both effective and hassle-free for the business owners, especially when it comes to small business owners or e-commerce business setups.

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Why is bookkeeping so important for businesses?

Bookkeeping are the methodical documentation of a business’s financial transactions. It is essential in business because it allows you to track income and expenditure, complies with regulatory requirements, and offers stakeholders quantifiable business data that can be utilised to make business actions.

Our team prepares your three most important financial statements

• Income Statement
• Balance Sheet
• Cashflow Statement


Our online bookkeeping services:

We carry out the  bookkeeping with the help of our team of expert professionals. These professionals have experience in a varied range of business and operations. For instance, when it comes to e-commerce business the books of accounts are not as simple as the ones prepared for traditional retailers but with our experienced professionals, these books can be prepared with ease and optimal efficacy.

Choosing the right  bookkeeping service plays a crucial role, business owners must have an understanding of the depth of expertise the services offer and then choose the best fit. We at Focal Software offer a complete range of bookkeeping services and have experts with experience in the majority of the business categories. Get in touch with our business support to understand in detail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business owners, founders, and entrepreneurs have a lot on their plates. One of the crucial parts of their job is to make proper plans for their company’s present and future development. Whether your eCommerce is in a startup, mature, transfer, or any other phase, each area has its own unique possibilities. We can help you recognize them and create strategies to enhance your eCommerce, partnerships, and employees.

We work with clients from all over the US and can come to you to discuss your needs. Or, if you work from home and don’t have physical offices, we can arrange a virtual meeting and start planning your growth right away!

Do you need a loan to help you with inventory, payroll, marketing, or other needs? Making sure you qualify for a loan takes some serious work, but our accountants can lend you a hand. Contact us to book a consultation.

While we try to offer as much automation as possible with Focal Software, it is still not a certified account. But we have a fantastic team of accountants waiting to take this slow and complex part of business management off your hands. They can help you save money and ensure you are prepared for an audit if Uncle Sam comes calling.

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