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Discover how Automation in eCommerce can Elevate Your Efficiency

As you navigate multiple digital sales channels, Focal bridges the gap between processes and profits, helping you stay on top of your orders while elevating your exposure to the ideal prospects. As a holistic eCommerce automation system, Focal delivers exactly what you need from a centralized platform. Say ‘goodbye’ to managing multiple programs for your sales, marketing, fulfillment, and inventory management efforts. With Focal’s all-encompassing suite, you can simplify your entire eCommerce stack while focusing on what matters most.
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Why Focal?

From marketing to order management and everything in between, Focal delivers time-saving features to get your products out there while maintaining real-time oversight of your orders and inventory. In turn, you can leverage 360° eCommerce process automations on the path to increased growth and scalability. Here’s how Focal can free up your to-do list.
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Even the highest-quality products rely on effective marketing campaigns to drive sales. That’s why Focal offers tailored eCommerce marketing automation to optimize your outreach. From capturing lead data to integrating multiple buyer touchpoints, Focal helps you build brand awareness while cultivating conversions.
Over the next decade and beyond, eCommerce will continue to surge. To sustainably keep up with your online orders, Focal serves as a one-stop-shop for eCommerce order automation, translating shipping data, promotions, tasks, inventory quantities, and more into a simple yet robust user interface.
As a forward-leaning decision-maker, your workflow is the backbone of your business. As a result, having a reliable eCommerce process automation system is essential. Focal not only alleviates repetitive manual tasks, but also keeps your team on the same page for smoother and more effective backend operations.

Learn Why Leading eCommerce Sellers Trust Focal

There’s a reason why industry-leading businesses turn to Focal for eCommerce automation they can trust. From your sales pipeline to your restocking process, you can count on Focal as the cornerstone to your success.
Right now, Focal is available via a complimentary trial. Bolster your business with the optimal eCommerce automation software of 2022!

Benefits of an Order Management Software


Do More than Reach Your Audience

Now is the time to go beyond reaching your audience. As a result-oriented eCommerce marketing automation system, Focal empowers you to resonate with your audience, putting advanced digital analytics, sorted buyer lists, and time-based messaging outreach at your fingertips throughout the process.


Holistic Functionality

There are no one-size-fits-all approaches to eCommerce. Your business has unique processes and workflows to take into consideration. As a versatile eCommerce automation system, Focal:

  • Automates your listings
  • Keeps orders moving
  • Delivers real-time analytics
  • Precisely monitors inventory
  • And more
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    The Team behind the Tool

    Focal’s success is centered on people. Behind our eCommerce automation software is a committed team of developers and support professionals with your best interests at heart. Whether you need help navigating one of Focal’s many features, would like to provide an experience-improving suggestion, or have a question, we are here to help. We base our success on your satisfaction.

    Start Your Focal Subscription Today

    As we speak, digital sales are on the rise. Does your business have the eCommerce automations necessary to keep up? Let’s bolster your bottom line, together.

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    No need for multiple software just to do accounting, inventory, and automatic listings. We are a one-stop shop solution for your eCommerce business.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    An Order Management System, also referred to as an Order Fulfillment Software, is a platform that centralizes your sales channels, empowering teams to fill orders, track progress, and analyze data to improve efficiency.

    Focal Software provides status updates for shipments, inventory quantities, product movement details, payment processing information, financial forecasts, and beyond, all in one easy-to-use platform.

    The best Order Management System should not only combine inputs from leading sales platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and Etsy, but also provide your team with a seamless user experience. That’s the Focal advantage.

    The fastest way to make tangible improvements to your order management process is by starting with measurable data. Focal provides the insight you need to understand your workflows and make meaningful improvements for greater cost-effectiveness, timeliness, and efficiency.

    Customer Order Management (COM) is the tracking process that covers every stage of the customer journey, from procurement to fulfillment. In turn, teams can better understand shipment processes, transactional history, and more.

    From a functional standpoint, Focal provides a robust dashboard to monitor key metrics and highlights, time-saving automations that import data from your sales channels, updatable entry fields to keep your inventory data accurate, and more.

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