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Focal Software is a global provider of eCommerce software and highly efficient and professional accounting solutions. Focal provides businesses with the most comprehensive, user-friendly, and cost-effective eCommerce accounting software packages. 


The subject-matter experts at Focal Software are highly experienced and qualified, which enabled us to create an extensive cloud-based solution. They understand different requirements and accounting standards applicable around the globe, which helps them curate a package that maximizes the user experience. These packages can be easily utilized by various kinds of businesses, especially for eCommerce accounting requirements such as Amazon accounting. Focal specializes in aggregated data and accounting for business models such as Amazon FBA aggregators and DTC aggregators. Businesses can contact Focal Software to avail themselves of world-class accounting solutions of their eCommerce business.

Features of Focal’s Accounting Software

The first step toward to accounting for an online business is understanding its requirements and planning a customized solution for a best-in-class client experience.


As a small business owner, you always need a helping hand; Focal Software’s accounting package is that helping hand to manage your accounting activities. It helps the business owners manage invoices and reminders and reconcile data of various transactions. These are simple tasks, but they consume time. With Focal’s solution, business owners have one less thing to worry about.

One-stop solution

Most software packages these days have a terrific feature with order management. Focal Software’s accounting package takes it to the next level, as it automates order data turned into financial statements, offering a one-stop solution.

Amazon accounting

For integrating with CMS and marketplaces, such as Amazon, WooCommerce, etc., our package does a wonderful job. It manages your data the way you want. You can integrate it with eCommerce platforms to pull order data and incorporate it automatically into your financial statements.

Free trial

We believe in the quality of our package and offer its services for free for a month. Try it and see how it fits your requirements. We have a very good conversion rate which means you will love our software.

Dedicated customer support

Suppose you are stuck with an atypical accounting situation. You can rely on our highly skilled customer support. Whether it’s a technical or an accounting issue, we have your back.

Eased eCommerce

We are proud to call ourselves an outstanding cloud-based provider. Our skillsets are multi-fold when it comes to eCommerce. Whether it’s order management, inventory management, or eCommerce automation—we can handle it all.

Applications of Our Accounting Software

Our accounting software is easy to use and saves you crucial time as a business owner. Its efficiency lies in decreasing the manual element of accounting as much as possible by automating the operations. 


The package is ideal for small enterprises and eCommerce accounting since it allows you to track your data while on the move. It is a powerful solution that combines several business solutions in a single package, making it easier to handle many elements.


  • Reports: Our software has a clean and dynamic dashboard that presents the data in an impressive format, making it easy and quick to interpret. This enables ease of doing work and helps you make decisions based on the insights generated from the data.
  • Accounts and accountants: No matter the accounting requirement, our solution can handle it all. The package can be used by all accountants with ease, and it can be organized using automation tools.
  • Scalability: Our solution fits well whether you are a local or a global seller. The software can easily accommodate the incremental data and requirements as you grow.


Accessibility: You can use our software even when you are on the move. If you wish, you can also allow your accountant to access the same platform for ease of work.


Our accounting software has several advantages. It benefits business owners like you by helping you save time spent in accounting and focus on core business activities. When you use Focal’s accounting software, you can trust its automation, quick setup, and convenience.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The cloud-based network that Focal’s accounting software uses makes it simpler for you to access your data from any location. Additionally, Focal Software automatically pulls in order data from Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and other marketplaces to provide aggregated financial reporting such as income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

The accounting software employs cutting-edge encryption technologies to protect your data.

With this feature, the workflow is streamlined by automation tools that allow for the automatic inclusion of data from other sources (Amazon, WooCommerce, etc.) to your accounts.

Focal’s accounting software offers top-notch client service, from technical to subject matter specialists.

Migration of data from your present systems to Focal’s accounting software is relatively straightforward and can be easily done by anyone. Simply connect your marketplaces to Focal and we handle the rest. Within minutes you will see data flowing to the software! If you encounter any difficulty, our customer support can help you with the same.

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