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When You Need Fast Funding

According to your earnings in the past couple of months, you can get anywhere between $2,000 and $250,000 to kick start your eCommerce. You can get funding in one of two ways: daily payouts or capital advances.
Focal Software NEW Orders
Don’t wait weeks to receive your hard-earned sales revenues. As an online merchant and Focal client, you can get paid out the next day.
Contact us today, and in just a couple of days, you can receive up to $250,000 to fund the growth of your eCommerce. You can spend your Advance restocking your inventory, launching new merch, or marketing investments. And all that without the complicated paperwork!

Additional Benefits for Your Brand

Every brand is unique, which is why we can tailor the financing to your needs. Aside from our Fast Funding options, you can also get additional capital to help your eCommerce grow. Check out these Focal financial services you can use.
Focal Software NEW Orders
Each day we advance 90% of your daily payouts, and you get the remaining 10% once the marketplace payout is received. We also offer a flat fixed fee of 0.2 – 0.5% of gross sales. To qualify for the Focal Instant Access, you must have at least $2000 a month in sales for three months.
Focal Instant Advance is a purchase of your future receivables. You can get up to $250,000 to spend on goods or marketing to help your business thrive. You’ll return a fixed percentage (usually between 10% and 25%) as you sell your merch until Focal collects the full amount of receivables you bought.

Furthermore, the fees are typically between 0.5% and 1.5% a week. But unlike a loan, Focal doesn’t charge you interest. You also get an exclusive VISA card for eCommerce sellers. This card lets you spend your Advance while earning up to 2% cashback on every transaction.

The Benefits of Working With Focal

Open Communication and a Clean Deal

If you decide to work with us, there will be no origination costs, hidden fees, or credit checks. Approval depends solely on your sales performance and the health of your account.

We offer Rebates

Unlike other financial companies, we offer you a rebate if you pay back your advances early. Talk to us today to find out more details.

Quick Cash Solutions

If you meet the requirements mentioned above, we will enable you to acquire funding swiftly. You can use those assets to expand your eCommerce, whether investing in marketing or sales, customer support, or purchasing more merch.

Opt for Focal Software Today

Focal is a simple software you can use to streamline your eCommerce management. Start using it today to reduce time-wasting and costly mistakes and increase productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

With Focal Software data, you can get qualified in a matter of minutes. Just imagine, your funding could be approved in the next 24 hours!
We won’t ask you to provide bank account statements and credit reports to apply for Focal Fast Funding. Eligibility is based solely on your account’s performance and history.
You can qualify with a minimum two months in sales of over $1,000 for Amazon or nine months in sales of over $5,000 for Shopify.
With Focal, you get 16 to 24 weeks to pay the Advance back. Plus, our rebate program assists your fast-growing eCommerce in lowering total funding expenses. Simply said, the faster you expand with the help of our program, the less you pay for funding.
To qualify, you must fulfill the following marketplace requirements:

  • If on Shopify, you must have average monthly sales of $5000 in revenue for nine months;
  • Amazon and Walmart must have monthly sales of at least $10,000 per month for nine months
  • The faster you expand, the less money you’ll have to pay. That means there are no fixed costs, prepayment, or origination fees.

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