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The best product management software should go beyond your current inventory alone. That’s why Focal leverages historical insight, time-saving automations, product launch tools, and more to elevate your efficiency.

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Why Focal?

As an inventory and product management software, Focal enables you to seamlessly centralize, track, forecast, and scale your product repertoire with ease. Every step of the way, you can trust in Focal to alleviate your to-do list and provide you with more accurate oversight than ever before.


How can you get the most out of your next product launch? Which selling points maximize conversions among your audience? Where can you minimize costs for a leaner production cycle? Focal serves as a robust product tracking software, helping you answer these critical questions and beyond.

Focal is a robust product data management system that not only offers greater insight into the sales process, but also strategically guides you through go-to-market launches with greater confidence and predictability.

Whether you’re preparing for your next product launch or in the process of completing pending deliverables, having a reliable product planning and control software is critical. Focal keeps your team on the same page, facilitating smoother collaboration and heightened task-based productivity

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The benefits of a cloud-based product management software touch every aspect of your product lifecycle, inventory, launch strategy, and beyond. That’s why innovative sellers turn to Focal for centralized support they can trust

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Benefits of an Product Management Software


Centered on Flexibility

Online product management software has a tendency to be rigid, requiring small businesses and sellers to change their workflow. Instead, Focal alleviates your workload by adjusting to your unique inventory, expenses, processes, and more. As a result, you can continue operating as normal while minimizing tasks.


Adopt a Productivity Powerhouse

From product launches to product improvements and everything in between, Focal is the ultimate product lifecycle management software. As you deliver products to market, Focal gives you the support you need to decisively take action on the path to highly successful launches and product sustainment.


Performance-Driven Resources

Focal helps teams bring top-tier products to market without delay. Here are just a few of the key factors that make Focal the best product data management software on the market today.


All-Encompassing Support

Focal was developed by eCommerce product management software professionals who understand the ins and outs of an effective launch strategy. In turn, you will receive trustworthy support for any questions you have during the implementation process and beyond.

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Start bringing your inventory up to speed with the top product management system available today. Focal offers a result-driven subscription opportunity that’s easy to implement and centered on value. Learn why fast-growing companies trust Focal as their production management software today.

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No need for multiple software just to do accounting, inventory, and automatic listings. We are a one-stop shop solution for your eCommerce business.



Frequently Asked Questions

An Order Management System, also referred to as an Order Fulfillment Software, is a platform that centralizes your sales channels, empowering teams to fill orders, track progress, and analyze data to improve efficiency.

Inventory management software is best suited for busy teams seeking to augment their workflow with time-saving tools and processes.

The top inventory management systems work seamlessly with your existing workflows, tracking stock while avoiding shortages or overstocks in the process.

The first step to creating an online inventory system is equipping your team with the right platform, lending way to barcode linkage and digitalized inventory.

While there are no one-size-fits-all approaches to inventory tracking, the best place to start is with high-efficiency inventory management tech.