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When launching an online store, it is imperative to have the right top 3 platforms for e-commerce business that can serve your purpose and allow you to have full authority over your online business. For this, you need two things first you have to know about the platforms on which you want to launch your store and the second one is ecommerce delivery management software which helps you in your delivery process. Today, we will share the top 3 venues that you should choose from when looking to start your online business. But bear in mind that no platform is superior to another. Still, all are special in their respective categories, so it’s all up to your requirements best.


Let’s look at the top 3 platforms for launching an e-commerce store.




Shopify is one of the finest e-commerce platforms because it was built to serve the needs of online businesses and have work very hard to bring constant improvements that could enhance the users’ experience. One of the best features of using Shopify is that you can integrate your online system with your retail store, and it can also serve as a point of sale system. What makes Shopify stand out is the convenience users get while managing their store on Shopify.




Woocommerce was introduce by WordPress, which started as a blogging site. Still, during this time. Woo commerce has managed to enhance woo-commerce to fulfil the needs of e-commerce store owners and has managed to do so, which makes it an excellent choice for the users. Woocommerce is a plugin that offers you several features, including; order tracking, inventory management, delivery status updates and more.


With woo-commerce, you get the advantage of having a platform that you can use for blogging and offer your users a bit more than other brands.


3. WIX


Wix e-commerce has been introduce and is working wonders for people hosting. Their store on the platform by allowing them to start for absolutely free without having to pay a penny. And still allowing them to play with different themes. Wix is for small to mid-sized businesses, but that doesn’t mean it is not suitable for large scale businesses as they have premium packages that are made for stores with more considerable traffic and more products and services to sell.


Their easy setup is also an outstanding feature. That works very well for people who are just entering the field of e-commerce.


SO if you are looking to start your online store. All these platforms can help you gain a lot of success. But some features distinguish them from each other, which solely depends upon your requirements. One thing is for sure that you cannot go wrong while choosing from these three platforms as they are the best you can get when it comes to e-commerce; we hope you were content with the information provided; please leave your thoughts below to help us improve our content for you.


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