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E-commerce is one of the fastest growing online world sectors and generates outstanding revenues for the governments and individuals associated with it. Today, we will share the top e-commerce giants across the globe and the secret to their success. If you are an online store yourself or are looking to start a new venture, this is a perfect place to learn some trade secrets of the biggest ecommerce stores worldwide.






These numbers should be enough to give you an idea of how massive Amazon is and the market it has captured over the years. Still, some things help it stand out amongst the competitors, and those traits are why Amazon is the biggest e-commerce giant in the world.


Suppose this is not enough to understand the spectrum of Amazon. In that case, you will be surprised to know that Amazon has approximately 40% of the market share in the American ecommerce market, which is by far the most any ecommerce business has managed to obtain.


Amazon’s super-fast delivery network, an outstanding range of products and excellent quality maintenance is why it has managed to be such a massive success.






The second name in the list is Walmart, which has successfully transcended into the e-commerce market and captured a good share of the market in much less time. While the retail side of Walmart has around 14% of the market share, its e-commerce network has 6.6% of the market share, which is very good considering the competitors and their dominance over the years.


Walmart’s online success is their constant improvements to be at par with the very best in the market.


3. eBay




eBay is another name that is familiar for almost everyone, and rightfully so, as, in the list of top ecommerce giants, eBay ranks third with very healthy numbers. Its annual sales are approximately $40 billion, which are pretty handsome and rapidly growing.


When it comes to the market share, eBay is also quite successful in this area, with 4.2% of the American ecommerce market in its network.


eBay is one of those e-commerce networks that allow people to sell and purchase used products, ensuring much more traffic and a high success rate.


After reading this, if you are also motivated to rank alongside them one day, you are on the right path because it is very much possible. All you need is focus and dedication to being the best and constantly pushing your boundaries. One thing that is common for every ecommerce business’s success is excellent management which they ensure through ecommerce management software. If you want to get one for your business, we highly recommend you check out focal software, which has a lot to offer for the company of every scale.

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