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6 of the Best Inventory Management Software 2022

6 of the Best Inventory Management Software 2022

Establishing a successful business in this competitive market is time-consuming, stressful, and painstaking. Fulfilling the consumer’s needs. And managing inventory is an added responsibility. That can take your business to new heights when done right.


In fact, Inventory management and tracking is such a fundamental part of your company’s success. That there are literally hundreds of inventory tracking software out there. That help you monitor your data. But with many options. How can one pick the best?


Ultimately, the best inventory management tool depends on your business needs. There’s no point signing up to a platform. That deals in wholesale management. If you don’t sell wholesale products.



So, with that in mind. We’ve curated a list of the best Inventory management solutions. For each type of business. Among our favorites are FocalSoft, Zoho, InFlow, and more.


1. FocalSoft


With a clean user interface and impressive features. FocalSoft is one of the best inventory management. Solutions one can find. This multi-purpose software is built to boost your eCommerce growth and multichannel brands.


FocalSoft is a cloud-based inventory management tool for small to medium-scale organizations. That lacks resources but aims to flourish their business to new heights. It is built with flexibility in mind and can be easily integrated. With third-party CMS platforms including Shopify. WooCommerce, as well as Amazon, and eBay.


Additionally, FocalSoft acts as a central hub to manage and maintain. Your inventory and organize a balance between B2B, B2C, and other marketplaces.


FocalSoft Features


  • Order Management
  • Product Management
  • Multi-Channel Inventory Control
  • Multi-Channel eCommerce Listing
  • eCommerce Automation


2. InFlow


This easy-to-use platform is yet another great addition to our list. For businesses on a budget. InFlow inventory management system offers a free solution. To track your everyday dynamics and make the most out of it. With the free option. You can easily track your sales, challenge the data. And make decisions that are best suited for your eCommerce store.


Or you can enjoy more features and go for the paid options. That further include automation, sales agent, inFlow caps, and more. It even got a great mobile app that facilitates. As a sales agent and tracks all your stock inventory levels with notifications alerts.


inFlow Features


  • Over 30 types of reports
  • Only 2-5 hours setup process
  • Mobile app barcode scanning facility
  • Good for business on a budget


3. Zoho


Not to be mistaken with the movie Zoro – But in terms of features, you can surely rely on its sword-sharpening options. For starters. Zoho offers a pretty comprehensive free plan that allows you to arrange drop shipping. Handle multi-currency transactions. And automatically back order out-of-stock items. If you opt to upgrade to the paid plan, you’ll get enhanced features.


With this, you can manage multi warehouses and enjoy a serial number tracking system. Which is automatically synced to your eCommerce store. Zoho is a bit limited in terms of advanced-level tracking. But we can use it as simple order management software. For the limitation. The company recently launched a new Elite plan. But the price for that is a bit off the chart.


That said, if you’re a small business that doesn’t need to fulfill thousands of orders – Zoho inventory is an inexpensive and effection option.


Zoho Features


  • Intuitive mobile and desktop apps
  • Plenty of integrations
  • Multi-shipping options
  • Perfect solution for small businesses to thrive


4. Stitch Lab


Not the best in terms of affordability. But definitely packs some advanced-level features that you can’t find elsewhere. Stitch Lab inventory is a multi-channel system. That understands the business epidemics. And provides data. That can easily improve your sales conversion from the start.


Over-purchasing, inventory accounting, late deliveries, cost management, less inventory. And maintaining multiple warehouses are some of the common problems Stitch Lab fixes. Additionally, the platform also tracks inbound locations, update sales channel. And transfer inventory whenever required. All in all, it’s a great solution for businesses. That can spend the extra bucks.



Stitch Lab Features


  • Inventory Optimization
  • Retail Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Forecasting


5. Lightspeed POS


All-in-one inventory management software. That follows some advanced level automation to aid any growing business. As the name suggests. Lightspeed doesn’t hold it back when it comes to flexibility, scalability. And technology. The software can help you transfer stocks, thrive sales, access POS. And sell through any device.


And that’s not all, Lightspeed POS can also help you with customer acquisition as well. You’ll get a detailed list of your customers’ profiles and history. They also have great 24/7 Support, plenty of videos. And educational content. And often do live webinars on how you can scale your business.


Lightspeed POS Features



6. Upserve


Another great tool by Lightspeed specifically. Focused on food chain management. Up serve provides a dynamic inventory solution. For the needs of food-related businesses. The tool has a great focus on data tracking. And can easily distinguish. How much stock you have in the refrigerator and when it is going to expire.


Yes, the tool is a bit pricey, but considering you’ll get tons of great options. And freedom of mind is something you can’t ignore. You can run your workforce management, POS services. And online ordering – Even across multiple locations. The company also provides insights into how you can better manage your business. Apart from order management.


We also like that upserve comes with a POS system. Which in most cases you have to buy separately.


Upserve Features


  • Restaurant Inventory solution
  • In-app barcode scanner
  • Real-time ingredient inventory deductions
  • Recipe coasting
  • Inventory quantity tracking


Final Verdict


The best inventory management software for your business. Is the one that supports the way you buy and sell products. eCommerce shopping on a website has different requirements and on Amazon, it’s different. So, it’s essential to compare each software with your needs.


Our favorite inventory software is FocalSoft. As it’s both an easy. And affordable way to start selling across different platforms. It perfectly integrates with both Shopify and Amazon and gives owners tools for inventory reports. Real-time updates, and more.


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